At Franche, we follow Letters and Sounds. Our aim is to deliver daily, high-quality phonics sessions to enable our children to blend and segment words with confidence, as well as ensuring phonics is part of a broad and rich language curriculum. In Early Years and Key Stage One, phonics is taught every morning and is embedded throughout our creative curriculum. During each session, we revisit and review previous sounds through fun and creative investigative activities. We then teach, practise and apply new skills to ensure the children are confident, independent learners. The children benefit from actions and rhymes to help them remember new sounds. We involve our parents throughout the year through a variety of activities, including parent workshops, family learning, stay and share sessions and fun phonics mornings.  Click on one of the buttons below to find out more about how we teach phonics at Franche. 

Phase 5 phonics
Phase 6 phonics

Phonics at Home

Our wonderful teachers at Franche have created some phonics lessons that can be done at home. Below we have links to our YouTube channel, where we have a playlist for each of the phonics phases.

Reading in Early Years

Chatting away in funny voices as you flick through picture books, enjoying reading eBooks together, making up your own stories and singing nursery rhymes can all spark a love for reading. It is during Early Years that your child will start identifying tricky words, sounds and even blending sounds to read words.

We spend lots of time looking at the pictures in books, making up our own stories to go with the pictures and tracking the words before we start the real ‘reading’. When we are ready, we then apply our phonics knowledge to blend the sounds which enable us to read.

To support your child when reading at home, encourage them to talk about the illustrations and make predictions about what might happen next. Always ask your child to point to the words (tracking) they are reading to ensure they don’t lose their place on the page. This will also help them understand sentence structure and that words, in the right order, make a sentence.

Even from the start of a child’s learning journey at Franche, we ask every child to read five times a week, and be a Reader Every Day (RED), to promote a love for reading. This might involve you reading a story to your child, making up your own story or listening to your child read (when they are ready). The children are rewarded for Reading Every Day and their photo is then displayed on the ‘Wall of Fame’ a is always a great feeling for a little one!

Throughout Reception we have a large focus on being able to read tricky words. These are words that we cannot sound out, and simply have to recognise. Here is a picture of the tricky words we learn in Reception. We aim to know all of Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words by the end of the year (even better if we can identify more).

We also know that being able to quickly identify sounds and tricky words enables a child to become a confident reader. You might like to show them flashcards with sounds on and see how many they can get correct, splat the tricky word or even play a game of snap with the sounds or tricky words! The quicker they become at identifying the sounds and tricky words – the better! 

Vist our YouTube channel to see how much our staff love reading!

Here are some FREE useful websites to practise phonics at home:

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