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Design Technology

At Franche, our vision is to raise pupils' aspirations through a Design Technology curriculum that inspires children towards potential future STEM careers. 

We encourage children to work collaboratively, reflectively and critically to find creative solutions to problems whilst developing their designing, making and evaluating skills. 

Here are some useful websites if you are keen to take on more engineering challenges at home: 
Food technology: creating chefs
Along with physical development, we teach the children about the benefits of a healthy balanced diet; which provide the nutrients to help them grow and develop. The school is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating. We believe everyone has the right to nutrition, hydration and healthy a healthy lifestyle. Food plays a significant role in determining health and wellbeing. We ensure this happens in school through the food we offer, the lessons we deliver and wider opportunities made available to the children. Our overriding aim is to ensure that all aspects of food and nutrition in school promote the health and wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors to our school.

  • To support pupils to make healthy food choices and to be better prepared to learn and achieve.
  • To ensure a consistent approach to healthy eating across the school community including pupils, staff and parents/ carers.
  • To ensure pupils and staff receive tasty, nutritious, affordable and safe food during the school day and have easy access to a drinking water supply.
  • Through the school curriculum, both formal and informal, messages about food and nutrition, food production, food hygiene, manufacturing and sustainability is delivered.
  • A positive food culture is maintained throughout the school and wider community.
At all times, we aim to offer our children and staff a nutritious balanced diet by following The National School Food Standards 2015 and by using local, fresh, seasonal produce meeting or exceeding Government standards. Much research has shown that children who have a healthy, nutritious meal are more focused and ready to learn. ‘When children eat better, they do better’ – Children’s Food Trust.
As a Food For Life school, we take pride in creating a positive food culture promoting growing, cooking and involving the whole community. We will consult with The School Nutrition Action Group, (SNAG), the School Council, staff and the local community to ensure that they can have an input into the menus and the whole lunchtime experience, eating in a relaxed environment taking into consideration time, seating, noise, cleanliness and packing up.
All catering staff and dinner supervisors are made aware of the school’s healthy eating ethos and are able to advise pupils on issues relating to food such as a balanced diet and choices at lunchtime.
The children are encouraged to eat well and learn about making healthy food choices throughout the day. We aim to support each child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) throughout the teaching of our curriculum.
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Food For Life
We currently hold the Food for Life Bronze Award, which means that the food we served has been rigorously assessed to ensure it’s high quality, healthy and sustainable. As a Food for Life Bronze school we:
  • Have committed to improve their school food culture by developing a school food policy.
  • Meet Bronze Food for Life Served Here Award standards which shows that school food is healthy and uses seasonal ingredients that are at least 75% freshly prepared.
  • Involve pupils and parents in planning improvements to school menus and the lunchtime experience, boosting school meal take-up.
  • Give every pupil the opportunity to visit a local farm, and take part in cooking and food growing activity.
Below are links to family friendly recipes to cook at home with your children: