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School Council

School Council

The Voice of Franche’s Pupils

​We have a thriving School Council for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, ensuring the voice of the school population is heard at the highest levels. Children stand for election to the council every year and are chosen through a secret ballot – always an exciting and thought provoking time in school, where pupils report to staff that they vote not for their best friend necessarily, but for the person they genuinely believe will represent them the most successfully. Through this, we discuss the importance of British Values, including democracy. Election day is a whole-school event, with children walking to the local polling station to cast their votes in a 'real' ballot.

The council meets regularly to discuss issues raised in school.

​Some of our past and current achievements:

* We organise school activities and fundraising for national fundraising events such as Red Nose Day and Children in Need. For Children in Need, we arranged for Pudsey to visit and some of us were interviewed for BBC local radio!

* We sent a video to PTA asking for some money to help us with our project of buying the outdoor signs. They agreed to help us!

* We organised a Fun Run, and raised lots of money for school funds in doing so.

* We are often involved in the interviewing process for teachers and leaders of the school.

* We help teachers to collect the thoughts of other children across the school on things such as playtimes and lunch menus.

* We were contacted by Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and we organised for them to visit school and present an assembly to the children. The whole school also got to see an air ambulance pod. We raised money later in the year for this fantastic charity.

* We have attended some staff meetings where we share our ideas to the staff to help with ideas for our curriculum.

​A notice board in the main office is regularly updated throughout the year and will show the actions the School Council have taken.

​We are very excited about the coming projects we have planned. Watch this space…

Franche School Council