Welcome to our new website! At Franche Primary, we are learning without limits.

Our Learning and Teaching approach

At Franche our Creative Curriculum:

  • Maintains a flexible timetabling approach to make space for true depth of study.
  • Establishes cross-curricular links to foster a greater breadth of understanding
  • Is enquiry-based and involves the children in the planning and giving them choice in the direction the learning takes.
  • Ensures pupils develop resilience by adopting a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach.
  • Embeds children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development alongside promoting British Values throughout every subject area.
Challenge for ALL pupils

Questions for activities and assessment are layered in 3 levels (based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy): Basic, Advancing and Mastering (B.A.M.) to ensure appropriately pitched challenge for all pupils.
Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves by choosing one, two or three chilli challenges in every lesson and questioning is adapted to ensure progression of learning throughout sequences of learning.