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History at Franche enables pupils to develop a clear understanding of change over time, and cause and effect through exciting, coherent cross-curricular topics. We provide a broad History curriculum which covers a wide range of topics, covering the earliest civilizations through to modern periods such as the Second World War.

As outlined in the National Curriculum, learning and teaching will encompass the history of the wider world alongside Britain’s past. This will enable the children to further develop their understanding of key British Values such as democracy and government. In addition, moral development is promoted by considering and commenting on moral dilemmas, linking to the value of justice.
Pupils’ knowledge and understanding of these periods of time is deepened through developing the key historical skills of:

  • Chronology
  • Enquiry
  • Interpretation
  • Research

History is a broad subject and therefore, at Franche, we have refined our curriculum to focus on our ‘key threads of learning’ that children will repeatedly revisit throughout the school.  These threads are: people and their daily lives, inventions and conflict and power.  These ensure a greater depth of understanding within and across each time period and enable children to make links and gain perspective by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts.  Wherever possible, we make links to our local context to give children a better understanding of their community and changes over time.

In order to enhance learning experiences and support children’s spiritual development and curiosity, the children will have opportunities to visit historically significant places and museums displaying primary and secondary source material. Pupils will learn to understand the reasons why interpretations of these sources will differ depending on the context. Through historical enquiry, children will be encouraged to develop their skills of questioning and reasoning to enhance their knowledge and communicate their ideas effectively. Social and cultural understanding is promoted through collaborative and team working activities, recognising similarities between the past and present as well as understanding how other cultures have impacted on our ‘British’ culture.
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