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At Franche, we engage children in an enquiry approach in RE, developing confidence to discuss, ask questions and reflect on the beliefs of others as well as their own personal beliefs. We prepare children with the skills, knowledge and experiences for them to leave us with a developed understanding, appreciation and respect for various religious beliefs, cultural practices and values found in the world today.

The use of experiences and enrichment opportunities such as visits to places of worship, religious visitors and handling sacred texts and artefacts help inspire a full appreciation and respect for each religion.


We follow the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE and through this have developed a spiral curriculum, ensuring that children revisit the religions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism multiple times as they move through the school, building on their knowledge and deepening their understanding.

The RE curriculum is based around three elements:

1)      Making sense of beliefs – identifying and making sense of core religious and non-religious beliefs and concepts


2)      Understanding the impact – examining how and why people put their beliefs into action


3)      Making connections – evaluating, reflecting and connecting the beliefs and practices studied

Home learning help
To help children embed key concepts about religions into their long term memories, we have created our 'High Five Hands Of Faith'.  We use these in lessons to introduce and revisit learning in fun ways. 
To explore any of the religions more, click on one of the useful websites below: