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Supporting Families & Wellbeing

Our Supporting Families & Wellbeing Offer
Life does not always go according to plan and we all have 'ups and downs'.  Our Supporting Families & Wellbeing Offer is an important part of our school and community partnership to help children and families get back on track as soon as a problem emerges, with the aim to stop problems escalating. Franche Community Primary School offers a wide variety of strategies and support tailored to individual needs. Please have a look at our Supporting Families and Wellbeing Offer below for lots more information and contact details
Supporting Families and Wellbeing Newsletters:
Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Franche Community Primary School we recognise every child as an individual. At times children have feelings of worry, sadness, anxiety, low mood or they might be struggling with something else such as panic, poor sleep or stress. Alongside our positive and nurturing ethos across school, we have many tools and strategies to support the wellbeing of children and families.

​Our Mental Health Waves of Support provide strategies and support for children across school.
Education Mental Health Practitioners

​We work very closely with our NHS Education Mental health Practitioners (EMHP). Stacey Pritchard and Hayley Moore work with children and families on school site every Wednesday. This support is accessible through a referral process and is often an escalation of additional support following strategies put in place at school and at home. The EMHP team are able to support anxiety, low mood, thought challenging, sleep hygiene, mild phobias, worry management and behaviour strategy support for parents.

A drop-in session for parents to receive advice and support takes place the first Wednesday of the month.

Please contact school on 01562 751788 to book into the drop-in.
Stacey Pritchard

Education Mental Health Practitioner

Hayley Moore

Senior Practitioner Mental Health Nurse

School Therapy Dog

​We are very lucky at Franche to have a school therapy dog that works with children who are struggling emotionally or with their mental health.

​Harvey brings a different kind of emotional support to children that adults cannot provide. Children enjoy spending time with him and take part in a variety of tasks ie training, reading to him, grooming and going for walks in our extensive grounds. The impact of spending time with a therapy dog has been hugely positive for many children across school.
 External Services to support wellbeing and mental health: 
A collation of information and services to support health, wellbeing and mental health.
The website is full of useful strategies and resources for parents and children: how to talk to your child about mental health, an a-z mental health guide, getting help for your child, a parent line and tips how to support a friend.
Information, strategies and services to support wellbeing and mental health early to prevent life-long mental health issues.
A range of Apps designed to support young people, adults and families with their mental health and well-being.
A helpful leaflet that provides ten different ways to start a conversation about mental health.
Advice for supporting children experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings or self-harm.
Information for parents, carers and guardians supporting a young person with their mental health and wellbeing.  Click on Information and Support to navigate to a wealth of information.
A wide range of websites that provide support to young people, adults and families with their mental health and well-being.