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At Franche, music provides opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and compose. In addition to this, children develop listening skills in order to appreciate a wide variety of musical styles and to begin to make judgements about the quality of music. Lessons cover the fundamental aspects of music; pulse, pitch, rhythm, melody and structure.At our school, music is taught to all children, whatever their ability and individual needs. Music forms part of the school curriculum policy to provide a broad and balanced education to all children and has cross curricular links with many other subjects. Through our music teaching, we;

  • Provide learning opportunities that enable all pupils to make good progress
  • Aim to extend children’s experiences through workshop initiatives with external Professional Musicians. This has included the talents of spoon percussionist Jo May and the professional choir, the Armonico Consort.
  • Strive to meet the needs of those pupils with special educational needs, those with disabilities, Gifted and Talented pupils, and those learning English as an additional language.
From Year 2, children are offered the opportunity to study a musical instrument with peripatetic teachers. Pupils can receive tuition in flute, clarinet, keyboard, piano, drum kit, guitar and voice. The school Music Specialist staff believe passionately that all children should be given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Therefore, all students in Year 3 learn to play the recorder and in Year 4 learn the ukulele is introduced in a whole-class setting. Higher up the school these skills are developed further.

As a community school, we strongly believe music enriches the lives of people, and it is our aim to involve as many children as possible in musical activities both within the school day and as extra-curricular activities such as Steel Pan Ensemble, and Musical Theatre Group. Singing is featured in all whole school assemblies and there are choirs who put on performances. Our staff choir helps to support our school growth mindset policy and provides inspiration for pupils to develop a ‘have a go’ attitude.

At Franche, music lessons and extra-curricular activities are planned and taught by a dedicated Specialist Teacher: Mrs Brockman. Mrs Gudger also works alongside her providing opportunities for children within our Lower School.
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