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At Franche, Science is an exciting and engaging subject in which all children thrive through enjoyment and curiosity. There is a real buzz amongst pupils for the subject, as it is a wonderful topic in which to develop the key skills of curiosity, perseverance, challenge, reflection and thinking!

Our primary aim in science is clear; to spark curiosity! With practical investigations at the heart of our science learning, we allow children to learn through questioning, exploration, analysis and explanation. We encourage our children to be able to question the world around them and make meaningful links to everyday life, where possible. Through our lessons, we make ourselves aware of our impact on the world around us and consider ways in which we can contribute towards a better future, for our planet and its inhabitants.
In each topic, investigations are integral to the scientific learning journey and we work hard to ensure children are given the opportunity to explore the skills required to work scientifically. Our aim is to enable children to develop these skills to foster a lifelong passion for science and a thirst for knowledge!

We have developed a common approach to scientific investigation, following the 5 C’s of Science: Consider, Carry Out, Collect, Compare and Conclude. This approach starts in Year 1 and is progressively built upon, until children are fully confident in:
  • Posing questions
  • Making reasoned predictions
  • Developing methods to answer questions
  • Fair testing
  • Collecting results
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Challenging themselves

Across the school, children follow the content of the National Curriculum for England, with opportunities for additional science learning. To ensure that our children are fully immersed in the wider creative curriculum, the science coverage for each year group is included within the curriculum map.
Below are some useful website to extend your child's Scientific knowledge and understanding further: